Safety & Background Checks

At LocalTradePros our main focus; above all, is to ensure the safety of our users. We use the following screening process when onboarding our trade professionals to ensure you receive the best possible experience.



All professionals practicing in a field which requires a state-level certification are validated through applicable statement departments to ensure eligibility prior to being granted access to solicit business through our site.


State Business Filings

Our onboarding team takes the necessary steps to verify that all businesses operating as partnerships or corporations have filed with the state of California and are in good standing.


Criminal Records Search

LocalTradePros takes your safety seriously and do not cut corners when it comes to ensuring your family and home are safe when connecting you to one of our highly-qualified trade professionals. LocalTradePros uses a third-party company to run a criminal and sex offender background check. We not only search for personal related offenses but also business related offenses to ensure your interaction with LocalTradePros is safe and secure.


Identity Verification

LocalTradePros also takes steps to ensure that our registered trade professionals are who they say they are. We run a completely identity verification using the trade professionals social security number to ensure accuracy of their business and identity.


Background Checks

LocalTradePros, Inc. (“we”) runs background checks on all professionals.  The background check is performed by, a third party service provider.  We provide the parameters for the report.  The report will provide us with a pass or fail from the provider.  Upon receiving specific information, we will notify you of the results. If we consider filing any candidate based upon the background check, we will communicate with them immediately by email.


Why Do We Do Background Checks?

  • We want to confirm your identity.
  • We want to ensure that customers will feel safe in opening their homes to different professionals. This one step will help ensure that we can provide initial screening to help build confidence with the customers.
  • We have limited opportunities in each geographical region. In consideration of these limitations, we want to find the best fit between the professionals and the customers.


Information Disclosed in Background Check Which We Consider

  • Violent or theft conviction at a felony level in the last 5 years
  • Sexual felony conviction or on a sexual offender registry in the last 5 years
  • Pending violations will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Licenses held by the professional and to ensure that the individual is permitted to perform services.


Tips for Customers

We work diligently to ensure that professionals, meet the highest standards before working with you the customer.  However, we highly recommend that you take necessary precautions prior to engaging with one of the professionals.  Simple tips to help ensure your safety include:

  • Ask the professional to provide a copy of their local and state licenses including driver’s license and contractor’s license.
  • Ask for evidence of the Professional’s insurance or bond.
  • Confirm if permitting is required and who will obtain the needed permits before beginning any work.
  • Make sure that you have a written agreement for any work performed.
  • Never pay for an entire project upfront.
  • Keep copies of all records especially receipts for items purchased and any evidence of licenses for the professionals.